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Custom Labels for All Your Company's Needs:

United Label specialize in custom printed pressure sensitive labels for a broad variety of uses for different industries made to order in our New Jersey factory. Here are some of the different types of labels we make:

  • labels

    White Labels

  • Nutrition Labels

  • Bar code labels and Labels for Businesses Laser Data System

    Labels and tags – including thermal labels, inkjet labels and laser labels used for barcode label applications
  • Prime Labels-Product labels for point of purchase, promotional and product information.

    The Prime labels or primary labels are many product's main source of identification as well as decoration. The prime label must inform but also attract and entice the user or consumers. United Label's prime labels for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and consumer products to just that. United Label can assist in selecting a material and adhesive that will function with your product and its environment while expanding your products' shelf appeal.
    Please contact us or fill out our quote form for help with your prime labelling needs.
  • Food Labels and Beverage Labels: Nutritional information and cold temp adhesives.

  • Vitamin Labels-Wrap around Labels

    All types of vitamin labels from simple wrap-around labels to complex extended-text booklet labels. Please contact us or fill out our quote form for help with your vitamin labelling needs.
  • Underwriter’s Listed-Electrical applications lighting fixtures.

  • DOT Labels.

  • OSHA Labels-Right to know labeling

    Chemical information labels to inform employees of potential chemical hazards and the first aid measures to be taken. Please contact us or fill out our quote form for help with your OSHA labelling needs.
  • Chemical Labels-Drum Labeling

    Hazard communication labels for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical industries.
  • Cosmetics Label

    Cosmetic labels for beauty products such as lip balm labels, lotion labels, soap labels, shampoo labels, conditioner labels, labels for essential oils and pressed make-up. Cosmetic labels are usually white or clear gloss. United Label's cosmetic labels add a high-end look.
    Please contact us or fill out our quote form for help with your cosmetics labelling needs.
  • Opaque Cover up or Correctional Labels.

    As hard as you try to stop them, mistakes happen. United Label can give you several options for opaque cover up or correctional labels for covering up your problem without sacrificing the product's image.
    Please contact us or fill out our quote form for help with your Opaque Cover up or Correctional labelling needs.
  • Thermal transfer, direct thermal laser, ink jet, pinfeed labels.

  • Lab Labels

    Lab labels are labels that are applied to vials, tubes, plastic bags, straws, plates, slides, ampoules and any other lab items that is used to carry and store lab samples (blood, urine, any research material etc.) to convey information about the patient, name of the glassware and other equipment content, expiration date, lot number, storage requirements, warnings and precautions, phone numbers and more.
    Since lab labels may be applied to small items, many lab labels have a barcode printed on them which carries all the necessary data which also reduces the possibility of errors. Lab labels need to have an accompanying Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and lab label needs to comply with all the Environmental Protection Agency's and Occupational Safety and Health Organization's regulations on lab labeling to indicate the presence of hazardous chemicals. Lab labels are subjected to very harsh conditions and carry potentially dangerous substances so they need to be durable.
    Please contact us or fill out our quote form for help with your custom lab labels or pre-printed lab labelling needs.
  • Name badge and Tyvek labels.

  • Window decals.

  • Shipping and mailing labels.

Please view our label winding chart to determine how you want your labels to come off the roll
(Especially important for
machine applied labels)

label chart

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PDF version

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