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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Labels:

  1. How much will my labels cost?
    Pricing depends mostly on four main points. What material is being used, what size is the label, how many colors does it print and how many labels are being printed. If we have this information we can provide you with a quotation almost always within 24 hours and in most cases much quicker.

  2. What material should I use for my label?
    This depends on the application and the look you want.. What environment will the label exist in. Dry conditions at ambient temperature or more demanding applications such as outdoor or wet applications. Do you want a fluorescent stock or a foil look. Let us know what your special requirements our and we will make the most cost effective recommendation for your project.

  3. What is a die charge?
    A cutting die is the tool we use to cut a label to a particular size and shape. These die's are precision cylinders which are laser engraved out of hardened steel. We have an extensive die library which we have accumulated over more than 40 years in business. Tell us what size and shape you need and we will let you know how closely we can match it with our existing die's. If you must have a very specific requirement we will provide you with a quotation for the die.

  4. What is a plate charge?
    In order to print your labels we must first make printing plates. We require one plate for each color that we are printing. We image all our film and make these photopolymer plates in our own facility. This allows us to control costs and be flexible. Plate charges are a one time charge. You will not incur these charges again when you reorder.

  5. What is your lead time?
    This depends on the scope of the work. Most small or medium sized jobs can be completed in three to five days or less if we have the material in stock. Larger jobs typically require 2 weeks or a bit more.

  6. What is your minimum?
    We don't have a minimum label quantity per say. It is more a function of what is cost effective for you the customer. Setting up a job involves time and material waste. The more complex the job the more time and waste is involved. These costs must be amortized over the amount of labels actually produced. Therefore the higher the quantity the less the unit price of each.

  7. What kind of artwork must I provide for my labels?
    We require electronic files. We accept files in most of the major graphic applications such as Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, Indesign. It is best to have full vector graphics to start with. That is the original file that the images were created in. Jpeg's and scanned in images don't always work well for our process. We can and will try and work with them if need be.

  8. Do you do artwork for labels?
    We can layout artwork for you. This means if you tell us what you want we will lay it out for you so that it looks polished and professional. We are not however Graphics designers, that is to say we don't design logo's or corporate branding. Once you have this bring it to us and we will take it from the electronic file to the printed label for you.

  9. How many colors is my label?
    Most stock we use begins as white. Therefore white is not a color. (unless on clear) Most applications will recognize images or photo's as four color process or cmyk. Virtually any image can be converted and printed as four color process. When specific color matches are required than these colors will be identified as pantone numbers. We have the ability to print up to six colors. This would typically be four color process plus two pantone colors.

  10. Why should I choose you as my label manufacturer?
    United label has been successful for over forty years because we believe in and deliver customer service and satisfaction. We have the expertise and confidence to stand behind our products and reputation. We are always responsive to our customers needs and conduct ourselves based on the philosophy that we exist because of our valued relationships with our clients and to serve them.

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